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Virtual Office in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is an already-established technology and innovation hub in the middle- east. The business community in Dubai and UAE has always adapted to the changing trends, innovations,s, and technological upgrades. A fine example of such an innovation is a Virtual Office in Dubai, UAE. AmanaVirtual offices are meant for those entrepreneurs who do not require physical office space for the concerned business activity. A “Virtual office” is a special requirement and we provide a Virtual address for the same. The applicant, in this case, receives a business address and attains a Trade license for the business. 

By choosing Amana

Here the license holder performs the business in his preference of location or a virtual address. The license holder can even work from home.

provides virtual offices in Dubai, which extends an impressive corporate address in an established area. By choosing Amana’s virtual office in Dubai, an entrepreneur can run his business smoothly enabling his employees to work remotely, without renting equipment or paying for maintenance.

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