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Visa Service in Dubai, UAE

Although the steps involved in visa processing seem simple, those who are unfamiliar with the locations, the steps and the laws governing them end up making the process take longer. Most often they do not get visa approvals. Our experts at Amana offer visa services from documentation to issuance to both individuals and corporate entities across the Emirates. Our dedicated and diligent team of seasoned professionals undertake the process of visa processing and documentation with precision making the whole process smooth and hassle-free.

Why choose Amana for your Visa?

  • Personalised solutions
  • Specialised and dedicated team of professionals
  • Experience of 10+ years
  • Cost-effective services
  • Consistent assistance throughout from application & documentation to issuance
  • Providing local insights and guidance


We provide a wide variety of visa services. The different types of visas include,

Dubai Investor Visa

Become an investor and invest in one of the world’s most thriving economy in Dubai! The UAE and its thriving pro-business environment facilitate new business ventures. With an investor visa, you can become part of the growing and thriving economy of Dubai and the UAE. The investor visa can also pave the way to getting a Dubai Residency Visa! Become an investor with our visa services!

Dubai Employment Visa

Now getting an Employment Visa is simple with Amana! Work and live in one of the biggest economies of the world. Are you any foreign citizen seeking to work in the dazzling metropolis of Dubai or the UAE? Then Amana is the answer to it! With its diverse job opportunities, technological advancements, dynamic lifestyle and pro-business environment, Dubai has become the perfect place to work and live in.

Family Visa in the UAE

Any expatriate resident in Dubai or the UAE in general can sponsor their immediate family’s residency. But to obtain a Family Visa in Dubai requires that you meet the specific financial requirements set by the government. This would include earning a minimum monthly wage and suitable accommodation for your family. We at Amana provide smooth and hassle-free Family Visa services to bring your family joy!

Tourist Visa in the UAE

Make your dream vacation come true among the beaches and mesmerising architecture of the UAE with Amana! Just focus on packing your bags and making memories while we handle the paperwork. Experience a stress-free trip while we eliminate the hassle of visa applications.

Dubai Freelance Visa

A Freelance Visa allows self-employed people to live and work in Dubai. You will need a freelance permit before you can obtain a Freelance Visa. Keeping up with the changing trends in the working environment, the UAE offers freelance permits in Dubai and across the Emirates. Be your own boss with a Freelance Visa! We at Amana make your freelance dreams come true!

Maid Visa in the UAE

The Maid Visa is a legal certificate that permits a person to work as domestic help in Dubai and other emirates. The UAE Domestic Labour Law regulates the hiring of domestic help like nannies and full-time or part-time maids. Our expert team helps you understand all the technicalities regarding maid visa sponsorship. Let us help you a get maid visa without any hassles.