Office Spaces

Establish your business identity and build your company’s character with our stunning office spaces. Let us help you create a unique and stylish home for your company.


Office Space in Dubai and the UAE

The UAE and especially Dubai, is a magnet for entrepreneurs and business ventures. The UAE and Dubai are a global commercial hub for businesses and innovation owing to its strategic location, pro-business & investor-friendly environment and tax-friendly regulations. Dubai’s exceptional infrastructure, coupled with its technological innovation is a beacon for businesses of all sizes to come and find it’s place there. The growing economy of UAE also becomes a leading factor in why businesses seek office spaces there.

Choosing the right Office Space

Your office space for your company establishes a physical identity for your company. It plays a crucial role in building an image for your brand!
Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established business looking for a physical place for your company, Dubai or any other emirate in the UAE becomes an excellent place where your business can take off.
But your office space should be uniquely yours and fully functional. This is where we at Amana make your work easier.
We provide fully furnished office spaces tailored to your needs. Just move in and get your business start running full speed without the hassle of planning and furnishing your office!

Why choose Amana for your Office Space?

Although the UAE and Dubai are dream destinations for business entities and new business ventures alike, more often than not they are unsure about hiring an office space. It can be because of the time taken and the cost of planning, designing and furnishing the office space according to their needs. The presence of Virtual Office Spaces makes doing business in Dubai and the UAE easier.


  • We provide you with ready-to-occupy and fully furnished office spaces that are tailored to your needs and fully functional for the type of work your company does.
  • We help you choose the ideal location for your business.
  • We have affordable options with the latest infrastructures and technology.
  • We help you save your time and money while doing all the planning designing and furnishing.
  • We help you set up Virtual Offices in established corporate areas with ease and efficiency.
  • Our solutions are cost-effective but scalable.

Business Centre

Renting a full-fledged office space in the UAE or Dubai is easier with Amana on your side. Our business setup services ensure you have a registered office that is ready to occupy. We offer office spaces that are specifically designed according to the requirements of a professional company. We offer a diverse variety of office spaces tailored to your needs in Dubai’s most sought-after and strategic areas.

Virtual Office

The business environment of the UAE and Dubai has always facilitated changing trends and technological advances. A Virtual Office is an innovative initiative that blends the flexibility of remote work with the credibility of traditional offices. We offer virtual office spaces for entrepreneurs who don’t require physical presence to do business. We provide a virtual address at a location they prefer and attain a Trade license while working remotely. Our virtual offices are located at corporate addresses in established areas where you can run your company smoothly without renting equipment or paying for maintenance.