Dubai Municipality Services

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Dubai Municipality

The Dubai Municipality is an entity that offers services that ensure the smooth running of many aspects of life. The municipality ensures smooth daily operations that influence the quality of life of the residents. It undertakes the responsibility of ensuring public health and safety, economic development, environmental development and urban planning and development. In 2001, it launched its online portal and now offers all DM approval services online to residents and government entities.

Services related to Dubai Municipality

All residents of Dubai, be it for individual or business purposes are likely to avail the services offered by the municipality. The Dubai Municipality provides many services to individuals, businesses and other government sectors.
While you can avail of these services easily and can apply for various approvals, it can be a daunting task. Most often the paperwork becomes confusing, especially when you’re not fluent in Arabic. This is where our services at Amana help you. Our experts help you navigate the intricate landscape of Dubai municipality quickly and effectively.


Business Services Offered by DM

We assist in both individual and business service approvals offered by the Dubai Municipality. Here are some of the business service approvals provided to businesses in Dubai.

Environment & Waste Services

1. Request for No Objection Certificate for Telecommunication Tower and Power Transmission Line
2. Request for Permit to Store Dangerous Goods
3. Request for Environmental NOC for Desert Camp
4. Request for NOC for Well Drilling
5. Request for NOC for Infrastructure and Construction Projects
6. Request for Waste Collection Service
7. Request for Permit for Waste Management Activity


Lab Testing & Accreditation

1. Request for Calibration of Instruments and Equipment
2. Request for Training in Dubai Central Laboratory
3. Request for Testing Consumer Products
4. Request for Testing and Hallmarking of Precious Metals and Gemstones
5. Request for Block Batch and Type 1 Certification
6. Request for Registration of Suppliers of Certified Products
7. Request to participate in Proficiency Testing Programme

Public Markets Services

1. Request to lease available municipal properties
2. Request to enter and ensure parking to get into Fish Market Auction Yard
3. Request for Tenancy Contract Renewal and Termination
4. Request approval for modification/additions for leased properties in DM markets.

Veterinary & Abattoirs Services

  1. 1. Request for Veterinary Item Registration
    2. Request for a permit to release Imported Veterinary Shipments
    3. Request for Veterinary Health Certificate
    4. Request for Slaughterhouse Services

Drainage and Irrigation

1. Request to Relocate Sewer Line Location
2. Request for Connection with Irrigation Network System to Get Treated Wastewater
3. Request for a Permanent Connection to a Sewage Network
4. Request for a Temporary Connection to a Sewage Network
5. Request for a Permit for Land Drainage and Dewatering
6. Request to Approve Project Designs of Irrigation Systems


Land Planning &n Building Services

1. Request for NOC to Activate the Tourism License
2. Request to modify Consultant’s Registration Record Data
3. Request to modify Consultant’s Registration Status
4. Request for New Registration for Contracting Companies
5. Request to Release Blocked Permits/Licenses – Owners
6. Request for Building Materials Suppliers and Manufacturers Registration
7. Request for Planning Permits

Public Parks & Agriculture

1. Request for NOC to Obtain Trade License to Practice Horticulture Activity in Dubai
2. Request for Permit to get Agricultural Soil
3. Request for NOC to Work in the Cultivated Areas
4. Request to Visit the Children’s City
5. Filming/Promotion Request at Public Parks

Consumer Products Safety & Public Health

1. Request for Permit for Activity or Play Area
2. Request for Ship Sanitation Certificate
3. Request for Pest Control Identity Card
4. Request for Guard Residence Permit
5. Request for Issuance of Free of Diseases Certificate
6. Request for Free Sale Certificate

Financial & Business Services

1. Request for Issuing Receipts
2. Request to Inquire about Building Violations
3. Request for Dubai Municipality Fine Inquiry
4. Request for Refund Deposited Insurance
5. Request for Training in Dubai Central Laboratory
6. Request for Summer Program Training