Dubai Courts and Notary Services

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Dubai Courts

The UAE’s Federal Constitution allows each emirate to have its judicial authority. Dubai’s dynamic and strong legal framework has enabled the cultural and economic growth it has seen in the past years. The Dubai Courts were established in 1970, to ensure that justice is served to all the residents and to ensure quality and equal opportunity for all.

Dubai Courts Services

At Amana, we simplify all the paperwork related to Dubai Courts. We work towards 100% customer satisfaction and provide reliable and efficient services. Our qualified and experienced personnel ensure that all your paperwork complies with the legal framework

Our services include the following,

1. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
2. Power of Attorney (POA)
3. Judicial Notices Attestation
4. Attestation to Cancel POA
5. Attestation of Minutes Meeting
6. Declaration of Withdrawing a Complaint
7. Attestation of Sale of Boat Contract