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Dubai Employment Visa

Dreaming of living and working in Dubai, UAE? To work in Dubai, you need a valid Dubai employment visa. Though the process of obtaining a work visa in the UAE is comparatively simpler, it would be better if you have a good understanding of the work visa processing in the UAE.

UAE has a vibrant and diverse expatriate population. Based on the latest surveys, it is estimated that 80% of the overall population are foreign expatriates. A significant majority of the total population comprises foreign expatriates from South Asia. Being one of the most preferred employment destinations in Asia, the UAE government has an integral role in implementing employment and visa-related formalities. The official formalities are pretty smooth and straightforward. We shall go through the formalities in detail.

In most cases, foreign nationals would have secured a job before they enter the Emirates. Therefore, the foreign nationals need not perform the official Work Visa issuance-related formalities all by themselves after the entry. The entire visa-related formalities must be carried out by the company hiring the employee. And it is also mandatory by law that the hiring company should bear the expenses involved in attaining the Work visa of the employee.

When it comes to employment in Dubai, UAE the Work visa issued may differ according to the category and duration of the job. The visa application process involves documentation and certain legal procedures. The process is detailed below in a step-by-step format.

Dubai is one among the seven emirates in UAE, and the process for getting a Dubai Employment Visa is similar to that of other emirates. Dubai employment visa or work visa in UAE are issued to skilled and qualified professionals who are employed by organizations, companies, institutions, and business enterprises as technicians, engineers, technical experts, senior executives, etc. In order to pursue a job and reside in the UAE, it is mandatory for a foreign national to acquire a valid residency visa. The foreign national may acquire the Work visa after the issuance of the Residency Visa. The Ministry of Labour issues the Labour Car or Employment Work visa in UAE.

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